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Control Fleas

A four step approach for flea control should include:

  1. Pets need to be treated

  2. Clean the infested area (bedding, pet bedding etc.)

  3. Vacuum thoroughly

  4. Dehumidification - reduce the relative humidity of the infested area

Pets (all cats and dogs in the infested home) should be treated. Ask your veterinarian about insect growth regulators and other treatments.

Clean bedding (and pet bedding) in your washing machine with detergent and hot water, and dry completely in a dryer (do not air dry).

Vacuum the infested area thoroughly including: carpets, floors, baseboards, mattresses, bed frames, and other furniture; and properly dispose of vacuum contents. The areas pets frequently sleep or rest should be cleaned/vacuumed as well.

Dehumidifying the infested area suppresses flea populations, kill fleas and flea larvae. Try to keep the relative humidity below 50% in the infested area for a couple of days. However, lowering the humidity level may be harmful to some people, so you may want to avoid the treatment area until this type of treatment ends and humidity levels return to normal.

Repeat steps as needed.

For heavy infestations, it may be necessary to spot treat with a residual insecticide inside and out, after all the cleaning, vacuuming, and dehumidifying have been done. Contact us for details.